Links to publications about GPP projects:

Price, M.D. A.C. Hill, Y. M. Rowan (2016) Gazelles, Liminality, and Chalcolithic Ritual: A Case Study from Marj Rabba, Israel. Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 376: 7-27.

Hill, A.C., M.D. Price, Y.M. Rowan (2016) Feasting at Marj Rabba, An Early Chalcolithic Site in the Galilee. Oxford Journal of Archaeology 35(2): 127-140.

Y. Rowan and M. Kersel (2014) New Perspectives on the Chalcolithic Period in the Galilee: Investigations at the Site of Marj Rabba. In J. R. Spencer, A. Brody, and R. Mullins (eds.), Material Culture Matters: Essays on the Archaeology of the Southern Levant in Honor of Seymour Gitin.

T. Urban, Y. Rowan, and M. Kersel (2014) Ground penetrating radar investigations at Marj Rabba, a Chalcolithic Site in Lower Galilee, Israel. Journal of Archaeological Science 46: 96-106.

A.C. Hill (2014) Aerial Photography for Archaeology: Using RC for Research. Model Aviation.

M. Price, M. Buckley, M. Kersel & Y. Rowan (2013) Animal Management Strategies during the Chalcolithic in the Lower Galilee: New Data from Marj Rabba. Paléorient 39(2): 183-200.

OI News and Notes: Excavations at Marj Rabba

Recent Ground Penetrating Radar discoveries at Marj Rabba, Israel

Uavs At Marj Rabba, Israel: Low-Cost High-Tech Tools For Aerial Photography And Photogrammetry

ASORBlog Post by Yorke Rowan: New Data on the Chalcolithic Period: Marj Rabba and the Galilee Prehistory Project

ASORBlog Post: What’s In Your Dig Bag, Morag Kersel?

ASORBlog Post by Chad Hill: Field Walking and Drone Flying, the 2015 Survey at Wadi al Ashert

G. Ernest Wright Fellowship Report by Joyce Fountain: Season 6 at Marj Rabba

Heritage Fellowship Report by Brittany Jackson: Heritage Fellow Reports Discoveries at Marj Rabba

Platt Fellowship Report by Ted Gold: Despite Early Mornings Platt Fellow Happy to be Excavating

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