BB says “Goodbye Circles!”

JF excavating in BB

JF excavating in BB

This week’s blog post will focus on Area BB as supervised by Brittany Jackson. The name of the game was excavate and the objective: bring down the circle! In the past week members of the “Brittany Bunch” worked exceptionally hard to remove soil and stones from multiple loci. One of the tasks of last week was to bring down a circle of stones that originally looked like it may be the foundation of a silo.image 4

After the surface was cleaned and modern botanicals were removed the area was ready to be documented.  Here at Marj Rabba we use hand drawn sketches as another way of recording features and outlining formations that may not be easy to see with the naked eye. Once the drawings were updated the pebble circle was ready for excavation! The goal for excavating this circle was to expose the intersection of walls 922 (running N to S) and 315B (E to W), [pictured below].

image 2

An additional aim for the assignment was to uncover any possible continuation of a wall that appeared during excavation of another cobble circle on the east side of the square.

image 3

In order to accomplish these goals the circle needed to come down 0.33 m from its initial height of 466.85 m above sea level.