Getting Ready for 2017

It has been quiet on the GPP blog for too long. But this week we are getting ready to head out to the field and begin excavating at the new (to us) site of Tel Nes/Tell Sanjuk.

Yorke Rowan, Morag Kersel, and myself were out at the site over the last few days getting the site prepared.

We laid out a grid with our fancy new GPS equipment:


IMG_6441 2.JPG

GPS surveying


Grid corners marked with stakes


Accessing the site currently involves some difficulty


We also performed a drone survey, which gives us great images of the site, as well as spatially accurate maps:



GoPro image of the site


Another GoPro image of the site


Hillshaded Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the site


So now we are ready for our crew to arrive to begin the GPP’s 2017 season!

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