Seeing the site in new ways:

We have several Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at the site. While they are primarily used to take vertical still images, they can sometimes be used to record videos of the site. Here is a short flyover of parts of areas CC and BB taken from our quadcoptor. This was recorded on a windy part of the day, so I did not fly particularly high or far, it just gives a brief glimpse of work at the site. The quadcoptor does not have any stabilization, so this video is somewhat unsteady:

Videos like this are of limited utility for anything other than recording pretty images of the site. What the UAVs are normally used for is to build 3d models of the site from sets of still images. These 3d models are powerful tools for research, mapping, and publication. They ALSO provide a way to see the site from above. Here is a quick, low resolution model of area CC, the same area that I was flying over in the video above. This is just a screen recording demonstrating how you can navigate around a 3d model in Photoscan (the software used to make these). After this stage, the 3d models will be geo-rectified and exported to arcGIS.

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