Day one!

Today was day one of Marj Rabba, 2013. We started with a short tour of the site, to get our new crew members oriented. Short talks were given by all the directors and supervisors about various areas and features:

A wall in the woods

MK talking about the first season

YMR giving an overview of the main excavation area

The site looked a little beat up after sitting for a year, but this did not deter us, and we got to work clearing away vegetation, burst sandbags, and loose soil:

So many thistles

Cleaning up area BB

Here are aerial shots of the main excavation area from the quadcoptor, just after we got to work:

More Cleaning!

Area AA

More Cleaning

Area CC

By the end of the day, the site was looking much better and ready for real excavation to begin tomorrow:

Its hot, lets go home.

End of day 1

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