Our Academic homes . . .

This season we have an array of participants from all over, representing no less than 12 home institutions. Joining us for the first time this year we haveXULA%20Logo a group from Xavier University in Louisiana, ably led by Professor Michael Homan (http://michaelhoman.blogspot.com/) and his son Gilgamesh. Yo and Mo worked with Michael way back in the 1990s, when they were all younger, skinnier, and had more hair. I distinctly recall a painted blue D on a white belly …

After a very successful first foray into the Middle East, five more intrepid high school students from the Rowe Clark Math & Science Academy in Chicago, Rowe Clark accompanied by the adventurous Maggie Culhane will join us for four weeks of fun in the sun.

This season at Marj Rabba we also have students and interns from: UChicago_logo

UCONNpomona-college-mobile-wallpaperPuerto Rico


Our staff join us from places like:


And KPMG (http://www.kpmg.com)

But none of us would be embarking on this big adventure without the permissions and support of the Israel Antiquities Authority


or the logistical and financial support of the Oriental Institute and our many generous donors – we offer our heartfelt thanks!!!

OI Logo_0

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